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Cavas Mas Codina, Mas Codina Cava, a popular sparkling and refreshing Cava produced by the Champenoise method. Buy Mas Codina Cava. We offer the three most popular types of Cava for sale Cava reserve, Cava gran reserve, Cava brut.

We specialise in providing mini bottles of Cava and offer a full selection of Cava for sale, catering for wedding venues, birthday and other celebrations. Barcelona Shop your Cava specialist competitive prices, Cava products delivered worldwide.



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With over two thousand items in our catalogue, including over 1800 Cava, such as Mas Codina, Cava Hills, Miquel Pons Cava we continue to be recognised as one of the market leaders in terms of our ability to acquire exceptional rare and vintage cava.

Mas Codina Cava, Champagne at The Barcelona Shop. 

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Buy Mas Codina Cava at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.

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The Mas Codina estate is located in the heart of the Alt Penedès region, comprising of low-lying plains and hills between 250 and 300 metres high.

Until recently, the farm has always grown, and made a livelihood from, cereals, grapes, peaches and vegetables, as well as farm animals. Now, apart from century-old olive trees, all the land is devoted to vineyards.

Mas Codina has been in the same family for generations, being passed down from fathers who have worked the vineyards and who have produced wines. They have, at the same time, conveyed their experience and knowledge to their children who, together with the introduction of modern technologies, have created extraordinary wines and cavas.

The fourth-generation owners, Toni and Jordi Codina currently employ the latest technology, together with their know-how learnt from their ancestors, to produce wines. Even though it entails a greater workload, they have adopted organic farming practices promoting natural processes and seeking a balanced ecosystem. All because of their love for land and tradition.

There are currently 40 hectares of vineyards that are being organically farmed. Neither grapes nor wines from other vintners are used to produce our wines.

Our family has laboured hard to convert this family cellar into a project for our children so that they can continue the work started by their ancestors.

Mas Codina Family

The Mas Codina vineyards are located in the Alt Penedès, protected by two mountain ranges and is situated in a unique microclimate which makes this an exceptional area for vine growing.

Ideal climate conditions, with a 550 l/m rainfall, allows for the growing of grape varieties that result in very popular wines and cavas.

Situated in Alt Penedes, MAS CODINA is a 40-hectare estate winery dating from 1681, which has always been dedicated to the growing of grapes and wine production.

It was only in 1985 that Antoni Codina Carbó started bottling wines and cavas from grapes obtained from the estate’s own vineyards. A passion for vines and wines has led the family to elaborate a varieties of grapes that result in a range of high quality wines and cavas as production per hectare is limited.

The traditional winemaking process, and a job well done, is the fruit of a family passion passed through family generations until the present. The artisan method of wine making combined with modern technology allows Mas Codina to offer exceptional wines and cavas.

he result of this process is that during blind tastings Mas Codina’s wines and cavas, alongside well-known brands, have always ranked in top positions.

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