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Cavas Pere Ventura, Pere Ventura Cava, a popular sparkling and refreshing Cava produced by the Champenoise method. Buy Pere Ventura Cava. We offer the three most popular types of Cava for sale Cava reserve, Cava gran reserve, Cava brut.

We specialise in providing mini bottles of Cava and offer a full selection of Cava for sale, catering for wedding venues, birthday and other celebrations. Barcelona Shop your Cava specialist competitive prices, Cava products delivered worldwide.



Welcome to The Cava bar at Barcelona shop. You can buy a collection of Cava online, from the store, providing you with top quality, rare and collectable Cava direct to your front door – globally.

With over two thousand items in our catalogue, including over 1800 Cava, such as Mas Codina, Cava Hills, Miquel Pons Cava we continue to be recognised as one of the market leaders in terms of our ability to acquire exceptional rare and vintage cava.

Pere Ventura Cava at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.




Buy Pere Ventura Cava, at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.

Cava are one of the most popular drinks for parties,weddings and events and they can be used for many other occasions view our quality brands of Cava delivered to you as a Business or for home enjoyment 

At Barcelona shop. You can buy a whole range ofPere Ventura  Cava, from the Barcelona shop, providing you with top quality, brands direct to your front door – globally



search smart buy Cavas Pere Ventura,, Cavas Pere Ventura,, for sale at Barcelona shop, your favorite Cavas Pere Ventura,, for sale lowest prices guaranteed.



.The family-based PERE VENTURA FAMILY WINE ESTATES produces and markets its own wines and cavas (sparkling wines), which are known worldwide for their great quality and prestige. The company works hard every day to guarantee excellence both in the winery and in its wines. The company’s maxim is to remain true to its principles, to its sales commitments and to fulfill all its duties and business challenges the twenty-first century throws at it.



He is a distinguished businessman in the Wine sector and a good example of a self-made man. He is married with four children. He comes from a family closely linked to the wine trade and has dedicated his whole life to creating his own companies and to acquiring and adding value to his vineyard estates.

Today, he is the owner of different wineries and vineyard estates in four Designations of Origin (Wine Appellations) all located in Catalonia, in north-eastern Spain.

Our companies are founded on strong moral values. These values relate to a certain attitude, which denotes commitment in the workplace and a job well done. We are honest with the people who believe in us and the products we offer our consumers reflect this honesty too.

We carry out rigorous and careful checks throughout the wine production process, in order to guarantee the high quality of our products. We comply with our corporate social responsibilities.

We only make internationally acclaimed “Vins de Finca” (single vineyard) wines and high end cava (sparkling) wines. All the wineries, which today make up the group, base their work ethic on PVFWE values. These wineries are synonymous with prestige and are a regional brand.

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