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Mumm Champagne, a popular sparkling and refreshing Champagne produced by the traditional method. Buy Mumm Champagne. We offer the five most popular types of Champagne for sale, Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Champagne Blanc de Noirs, Champagne Brut, Champagne Rosé, Champagne Presige Cuvée 

We specialise in providing mini bottles of Champagne and offer a full selection of Champagne for sale, catering for wedding venues, birthday and other celebrations. Barcelona Shop your Champagne specialist competitive prices, Champagne products delivered worldwide.



Welcome to The Champagne lounge at Barcelona shop. You can buy a collection of Champagne,  online, from the store, providing you with top quality, rare and collectable Champagne direct to your front door – globally.

With over two thousand items in our catalogue, including over 1800 Champagne such as Alexandre Bonne, Piper Heidsieck, krug Champagne we continue to be recognised as one of the market leaders in terms of our ability to acquire exceptional rare and vintage Champagne.

buy Mumm Champagne at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.




Buy Champagne at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.

Champagne are one of the most popular drinks for parties,weddings and events and they can be used for many other occasions view our quality brands of Champagne delivered to you as a Business or for home enjoyment 

At Barcelona shop. You can buy a whole range of Mumm  Champagne, from the Barcelona shop, providing you with top quality, brands direct to your front door – globally



search smart buy Mumm Champagne at Barcelona shop, your favorite Mumm Champagne for sale lowest prices guaranteed.



The first pages of the Maison MUMM fabled winemaking history were written long before 1827, its official founding date; the Mumm family, whose lineage includes barons and knights, dates back to the 12th century. Already in 1761, the family had launched a business as wine producers and merchants based in Cologne, Germany under the name “P.A.Mumm”, after its owner Peter Arnold Mumm. The company owned large vineyards in the Rhine valley, where it created its own wines.

In the early years of the 19th century, Peter Arnold Mumm's three sons, Gottlieb, Jacobus and Philipp, recognised the sales potential of the outstanding sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region of France. As Germany and France enjoyed good relations at the time, the Mumm brothers made the bold decision to establish a new branch of the family company in the Champagne region, creating a branch office in Reims with the assistance of a local representative, G.Heuser.

From the outset, quality was the key watchword for the partners in this new entity formed in 1827, and it has remained so for all of their successors. This approach would be encapsulated in the motto penned by Georges Hermann Mumm: "Only the best".


"Only the best." Georges Hermann Mumm's motto could certainly also be that of the greatest chefs of today and yesterday. This shared mindset goes a long way to explaining the strength of the bond uniting Mumm's champagnes and haute cuisine.

It is a relationship that has been nurtured over the years, as evidenced by the bottles produced by Mumm in the 19th century, personalised for leading restaurants and hotels. Even at that time, Mumm's champagnes were regularly mentioned in publications featuring the views of leading arbiters of taste, which included the menus of receptions attended by society's crème de la crème. The brand also maintained excellent relationships with the period's prominent professional gourmet associations.

Mindful of the importance of this heritage, since 2009 Mumm have organised "Menus de Légende", an unequalled annual gastronomic event associating champagne and haute cuisine. For the 2011 edition, several Michelin-starred chefs, including Jean-Pierre Vigato, Paul Bocuse and Michel Sarran, were invited to reinterpret the menus of four of their illustrious predecessors: François Vatel, Antonin Carême, Auguste Escoffier and Fernand Point. Each chef thus gave the creations of these gastronomic geniuses a second lease of life, in full harmony with Mumm's champagnes.

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