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Welcome to The Knockando whisky Shed at Barcelona shop. You can buy rare whisky, Scottish Irish and American whiskies online, from the store, providing you with top quality, rare and collectable whiskies direct to your front door – globally.

With over two thousand items in our catalogue, including over 1800 single malts, we continue to be recognised as one of the market leaders in terms of our ability to acquire exceptional rare and vintage malts.

Buy Knockando scotish whisky at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance for scotish Knockando whiskey.




Buy Knockando Whiskey at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.

Whiskey are one of the most popular drinks for parties,weddings and events and they can be used for many other occasions view our quality brands of Whiskey delivered to you as a Business or for home enjoyment 

At Barcelona shop. You can buy a whole range of Knockando whisky, from the Barcelona shop, providing you with top quality, brands direct to your front door – globally


search smart buy Knockando whisky at Barcelona shop, your favorite Knockando whisky for sale lowest prices guaranteed.



Knockando is fairly typical of the style of the period when blenders were looking for lighter styles from the region. Its production – rapid mashing, short fermentation and quick distillation – is designed to produce a light nutty/malty character


The distillery was built during the last of the three phases of distillery construction in the 19th century by John Thompson & Co, but like many built at this time, the distillery struggled and was bought by W & A Gilbey in 1904 for £3,500 as part of the London-based gin distiller’s expansion into whisky blending (it had bought Glen Spey in 1885 and Strathmill in 1895).

It then became part of IDV in 1962 which transferred the licence to its Justerini & Brooks whisky division. It has served as the ‘home’ of the J&B blend ever since. Following IDV’s merger with United Distillers it became part of Diageo.

Although it remains a central player within J&B, Knockando has some pedigree as a single malt, mainly at 12-years-old, and was unusual in its habit of stating both the season and years of distillation and bottling date. It remains a good seller in France and some line extensions have been added in recent years. 


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