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Welcome to Cutty Sark whisky Shed at Barcelona shop. You can buy rare whisky, Scottish Irish and American whiskies online, from the store, providing you with top quality, rare and collectable whiskies direct to your front door – globally.

With over two thousand items in our catalogue, including over 1800 single malts, we continue to be recognised as one of the market leaders in terms of our ability to acquire exceptional rare and vintage malts.

Buy Cutty Sark scotish whisky at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance for scotish Cutty Sark whiskey




Buy Cutty Sark whisky at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.

Whiskey are one of the most popular drinks for parties,weddings and events and they can be used for many other occasions view our quality brands of Whiskey delivered to you as a Business or for home enjoyment 

At Barcelona shop. You can buy a whole range of Cutty Sark whisky, from the Barcelona shop, providing you with top quality, brands direct to your front door – globally


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The whisky itself might hail from the Scottish Highlands, but we’re a brand that lives and breathes city life. Originating in London, Cutty Sark broke the whisky drinking rules and brought something completely different to our bars and our homes. With a lighter taste and a lighter colour than what came before it, our refreshing whisky was made for experimenting with.

So don’t stick to the same drink every time – mix things up and serve something new with Cutty Sark!


Cutty Sark wasn’t made for stuffy sipping like an old-style whisky, it was born to be mixed! Everything we do is all about bringing people together over a good drink.

Masterfully blended so that it tastes fresher than other whiskies, Cutty Sark doesn’t overpower your taste buds – it’s an enjoyable and easy to drink whisky. That’s how we know you’ll love it.  

Check out our simple whisky serves or easy whisky cocktails, featuring Cutty Sark or Prohibition.  

1920 - Prohibition

What is Prohibition? Nicknamed “the Noble Experiment”, Prohibition was a complete ban on the production, importation and sale of alcohol in the US (can you imagine?!). It lasted almost 14 years, and everyone who still supported the drinking of alcohol had to unite together to stand up against the establishment and keep the liquor business alive in secret.

1922 - The Cutty Sark Ship

The legendary Tea Clipper ship ‘Cutty Sark’ – the fastest ship of its day – retired to England for naval training.

1923 - Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky

Our whisky was thought up on the 23rd of March 1923, at No. 3 St James’s Street in London. The partners of Berry Bros. & Rudd (the famous wine makers), Francis Berry and Hugh Rudd, met with Scottish artist James McBey for lunch. Pretty quickly, the conversation turned to whisky (as all good conversations do), and they soon realised that there was a need to create a new, lighter style of blended whisky. With a dream to go global, their first aim was to break the USA

2000's - Today

2003 – Cutty Sark wins Whisky Magazine’s “Blended Scotch Whiskies” category

In the Best of the Best tasting, Cutty Sark 25 was the highest scoring whisky overall, and was described as “a complex masterpiece” and “a golden wonder”. Not bad feedback, eh?

2013 – Say hello to Cutty Sark Prohibition

Released 80 years after Prohibition ended, our Prohibition Edition whisky has been crafted as a salute to the notorious (or some may say courageous) Bill McCoy, and to celebrate the end of “The Noble Experiment”. Learn more about Cutty Sark Prohibition


GLEN TURNER COMPANY LIMITED acquires Cutty Sark  from Edrington.

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