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Welcome to the West Cork Distillers whisky Shed at Barcelona shop. You can buy rare whisky, Scottish Irish and American whiskies online, from the store, providing you with top quality, rare and collectable whiskies direct to your front door – globally.

With over two thousand items in our catalogue, including over 1800 single malts, we continue to be recognised as one of the market leaders in terms of our ability to acquire exceptional rare and vintage malts.

Buy West Cork Distillers irish whisky at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance for Irish West Cork Distillers whisky




Buy West Cork Distillers whisky at The Barcelona Shop. 

Find the most competitive prices with quality assurance.

Whiskey are one of the most popular drinks for parties,weddings and events and they can be used for many other occasions view our quality brands of Whiskey delivered to you as a Business or for home enjoyment 

At Barcelona shop. You can buy a whole range of West Cork Distillers whisky, from the Barcelona shop, providing you with top quality, brands direct to your front door – globally


search smart buy West Cork Distillers whisky at Barcelona shop, your favorite West Cork Distillers whisky for sale lowest prices guaranteed.




WCD was founded in 2003 by three close friends Denis McCarthy, Ger McCarthy & John O’Connell in Union Hall, West Cork, Ireland. Ger & Denis had been deep sea trawler men whilst John was a research & development scientist for some large blue chip food & beverage companies.

Inspired by West Cork’s proud history in artisan food & beverage production, the three life long friends set about establishing a distillery to produce the highest quality spirits & provide sustainable employment in this beautiful and remote part of Ireland.

The team at West Cork Distillers has grown steadily since its inception to encompass the “CAN DO”  famous West Cork spirit.

The distillery at West Cork is very unique in that most of the mashing, fermentation & distilling equipment was handcrafted on site by the team at WCD.  No other distillery work force can be so  knowledgeable and intimately married to its equipment.

WCD has several notable ways-of-working which all contribute to making the finest quality spirits.

WCD is the most southerly located distillery on the Atlantic Archipelago which provides a unique meso-thermal microclimate for which West Cork is famous and which is ideal for the maturation of Irish whiskey.

WCD triple distills all its Irish whiskey.

WCD malts some of its own barley.

WCD only uses Irish grown grain in the production of its Irish whiskey.

WCD only uses pot stills in the production of its Irish whiskey.

WCD only half fills its spirit stills in order to allow for maximal copper – spirit vapour interactions which is key to the production of quality Irish whiskey.


Bourbon cask

West Cork Irish Whiskey – Bourbon cask (40% abv/80 proof) – is a blended Irish whiskey containing 75% grain Irish whiskey & 25% malt Irish whiskey.  Patiently matured in first fill bourbon casks to deliver a smooth, subtle and quintessential Irish whiskey.

Colour:            Light oak

Aroma:            Malt, slight citrus, cracked pepper

Taste:               Malt, lingering sweetness, citrus, apple and nutmeg



Ten Year Old Single MALT

West Cork Irish Whiskey – Ten Year Old Single Malt (40% abv/80 Proof) – is a splendid example of Irish single malts, a category with huge history but often disregarded.   West Cork Ten Year Old is prepared from Irish malted barley and pot distilled.

Colour:            Maghogny brown

Aroma:            Intense malt, floral, slight sweetness

Taste:              Citrus, cracked pepper, malt lasting

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